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Officers warn of heat danger in cars

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Police say a couple of minutes is all it takes for your child to be in a dangerous situation when left alone in a car as the summer heats up.

Some may think it's only a few minutes... The kids will be ok in the car, but police say any amount of time is still too dangerous. Officers tell us they've been getting calls about people in the Tri-Cities who have spotted children and animals left alone in vehicles.

Parents may not realize that it's not only hazardous to leave a child in a car when temperatures are as hot as they are, but it's also cause for miss demeanor if the car is running.

 "We usually get calls when people run in to a fast food joint or a store," Kennewick police officer Ron Salter said. "They park right out front and leave the kids in there. Potentially there's a danger there, especially if they leave the motor running." 

Studies report nearly 40 children die each year from heat exhaustion in a car, which is why Tri-Cities law enforcement say they are cracking down on the issue as we continue to see hotter days ahead.