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Hello hydro fans! Welcome to the 2010 Lamb Weston Columbia Cup! I'll be updating this live journal all day long right from the pits! Thanks for reading and checking out hydroinsider.com. Hope you enjoy all our coverage. - Megan Cross, KNDU Web Producer.

5:02 - Thank you to everyone who showed up to support the sport, and a BIG thanks to all the viewers who watched our live stream online or our broadcast on KNDU, KNDO and SWX!!

5:00 - Steve David wins 2010 Columbia Cup!

4:02 - It's been a day of AMAZING weather. Our stage is right on the river and it is tempting to jump in! Great boat racing and very fun sights. Can't wait for the final race. If you see our staff, say "hello!" Tim Adams is even here by our stage.

3:37 - Our reporters are all over the park, finding interesting and fun people to talk to! We will bring you pictures as soon as we can upload them.

3:15 - Hope everyone is enjoying the 2010 Lamb Weston Columbia Cup! Whether from the shores for the Columbia River, or on KNDU TV, or anywhere in the world via our Live Stream on kndu.com, we are glad you are tuning in for the races.

2:56 - Just talked to a couple Motorcycle Patrol Police from Walla Walla. Walla Walla Police come to the Tri-Cities every year for Water Follies because Kennewick Police do the motorcycle training...so helping out during boat races is Walla Walla's way of saying 'thank you'.

2:42 - Just took a walk through the pits, and it is very interesting to see the work that goes into the hydroplanes after they come out of the water.

2:35 - The F-16 just flew right over our stage and we could feel the rumble! Incredible.

2:33 - What an AMAZING air show! The F-16 is ripping through the skies overhead. The crowd is covering their ears because the roar is so loud It's awesome to see it tumbling through the air.

1:42 - Taking a walk through the pits to get some pictures to post online!

1:36 - The piece of Cal Phipps' boat (U-13 the Spirit of Detroit) that flew off during Heat 3A was just dragged back to the pits. It looked like a big chunk of the boat!

1:34 - The Connell Oil Unlimited Heat 3B is coming up at 1:45.

1:23 - Phipps had mechanical problems, which is why he did not finish.

1:20 - Steve David finished first in Heat 3A. 2nd place goes to J. Michel Kelly. Brian Perkins finished in 3rd with Nate Brown in 4th and Mark Evans in 5t. Cal Phipps did not finish.

1:14 - Nate Brown had a great start yesterday, then today had one of his worst starts, we'll see how things go for him in Heat 3A. Perkins, Kelly, and David round out the first 3 lanes. Brown is in lane 5. Phipps and Evans are in lanes 5 and 6.

1:13 - Racers are getting ready for Heat 3A! Brian Perkins, J. Michel Kelly, Steve David, Cal Phips, Nate Brown and Mark Evans face off.

1:12 - Racers are getting ready for Heat 3A! Steve David, Brian Perkins, J Michel Kelly and Nate Brown face off. Steve David will be in Lane 3, after finishing last in Heat 2B.

1:05 - It is such a beautiful day! A great day for boat races. Our crew is working hard in the heat, covering everything from the pits, to the tents, to the food, to the sky! Hope you're enjoying our coverage.

12:55 - Katie and Chris just brought us a story from the beer gardens...and we want to remind you, if you're drinking at the river today, stay safe...have a Designated Driver AND make sure you are drinking water as well.

12:34 - If you're into vintage boats, did you know there is a whole fleet of them at a museum in Kent, Wash.? It's called the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum.

12:24 PM - Steve David is asking about boats and lanes during the last race. Officials are checking it out.

12:17 PM - If you're watching our live broadcast or live stream on our website, email us! We'd love to hear your stories. news@kndu.com!

12:02 PM - We have a plane flying over head! It's the Ace Maker T-33

11:48 AM - Boat race fans are emailing us from all over! Germany, Baton Rouge, Ohio, Indiana, Detroit, Georgia...what a great following.

11:44 AM - Melanie Falcon found boat race fans all the way from California.

11:36 AM - What a boat race! Dave Villwock wins Unlimited Heat 2-B! ‎2nd place goes to J Michael Kelly, Jeff Bernard came in as a very close third and Steve David rounded out Heat 2-B

11:28 AM - Here we go...heat 2B! Some great drivers are going up against each other here. Steve David, Jeff Bernard, J. Michel Kelly, Dave Villwock

11:24 AM - Getting ready for heat 2B!! And speaking of heat, man it's hot out here already. But we sure do have a great view here from the Lampson pits.

11:22 AM - Don't forget to look up from the river! Stunt planes, and other cool air craft, will be taking to the skies...should be a great air show.

11:15 AM - A fan from Germany is watching our live stream. Thanks for visiting our website everyone.

11:12 AM - Devon just talked to the new Miss Tri-Cities!


If you missed the races yesterday here are the heat results. 

Heat 1-A.
1.  U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto                   Steve David      400
2.  U-17  Miss Red Dot                   Nate Brown      300
3.  U-21 Miss Albert Lee Appliance  Brian Perkins   225
4.  U-22  Matrix Systems                Mike Webster  169
5.  U-57  Formulaboats.com            Mark Evans     127
     U-5   Formulaboats.com            Jeff Bernard      DNF

Heat 1-B
1.  U-96 Spirit of Qatar                   Dave Villwock    400
2.  U-7  Graham Trucking               J Michael Kelly  300
3.  U-13  Spirit of Detroit                Cal Phipps         225
4.  U-37  Miss Peters & May         Jon Zimmerman  169
5.  U-100  Fleury Auto Parts          Greg Hopp         127
     U-25  Superior Racing              Dr Ken Muscatel  DNF