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Hot weather can take a toll on your body

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Eastern Washington boasts 300 days of summer. That means extremely high temperatures, which can cause problems for the human body.

When your body gets overheated it loses the ability to control temperatures and starts breaking down cell walls. If it gets bad enough it can cause organ failure. When the human body fails to regulate temperature levels, it is a sign of severe heat stroke.

Trauma Coordinator, Roger Casey, explains, "What happens is, you begin to sweat and the sweating is your body's response to cool down. With the sweat, people think it's just water leaving your body but it's also taking electrolights out with it and electrolights control a lot of your body's functions such as heart rhythms and brain functions. It can have a bad effect on the body."

Doctors say if your body gets overheated enough you will stop sweating because it can no longer get rid of internal heat.

So drink plenty of water and try not to stay outside for long periods of time.