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Budget cuts hit higher education

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Last week, Gov. Christine Gregoire announced she is moving forward with across the board budget cuts. Washington State University says they will lose an additional $11.2 million in funding to the already $13.5 million. We posted this information on our facebook page and got over 35 comments. Don't forget you can become a facebook fan and get all the latest information, plus you can interact with us by posting your comments to our stories. www.facebook.com/KNDUTV.

Here are some of the comments from facebook:

 Linda Butler Gearheart All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

 David Spiel Maybe all we can do is hope she take furlough days for the rest of the time she's in office... she wanted a raise because she said how can you get qualified people into office.. all we've gotten for the extra pay raises the state has given her is higher taxes and a state going in the same direction as the country.. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!

 Joanna Hageman There go the gas prices, costs of food, everything we depend on! :(

 Tina Corliss Dragoo Why should anyone be shocked ,,,,, on true Gregoire style ,,,,howz about a cut in the money we shell out to these worthless gov't officials ,?

 Trina Lantau The governor should take a cut in pay instead of taking money from the education systems.

 David Spiel but hold on.. even with us not wanting it and already one of the top 5 states in taxes.. they'll finally get the income tax in also. Oh.. but that's ok... the people who get things for free will continue and vote them in until they have to pay something instead of just for there tatoo's, escalades, cigs... but please.. don't take money from there EBT cards.

 Lori Wilson I still wonder some days "How did she even manage even getting re-elected?", then I remembered that it's just Western, if not North Western Washington getting all the "benefits" of her being in office.

 Joanie Piekarski EBT card?

 Cheri Davis I say they split the state in half like the talked about. The western half can have its way and us on the eastern half can pay less taxes. If a business ran the way the government does it would be close to bankrupt and asking for a bail out.

 Joanna Hageman Now there are a lot of people who have had to rely on the "system" to get through because of being a single parent, or some other hardship (or traumatic experiences). Let's not be cruel...you never know when it might be you. I do agree though, and I'm tired of the ones that make everyone else look bad because they want to feed their bad habits!

 David Spiel EBT is the food credit card the State gives peoplle... yes there are SOME that really deserve the system for a LITTLE support, but it isn't suppose to be a way of LIFE.. sorry if you can afford tatoo's, cigs, piercings, and an iPhone.. you can pay for your own freakin food and do without that like I do!

 Melissa Collins Joanie, EBT is the food stamp card.

 Tracy Marshall Nothing suprises me with this lady. She just keeps on spending then tries to raise taxes to cover the costs. But duh, people stop buying after awhile as they can't afford the higher costs. She is destoying our state faster and faster and keeps getting elected. I know how to not buy things if I do not have the money,, balance my buget etc and so should she as she is the one who is in charge of our states big over inflated one. It's just gonna get worse here in this state. Im all for splitting in half.

 David Spiel but they'll alway threaten us with cuts to the basic services if we don't give in.. heck we really needed Safco after the tax payers voted NO... I sit here and listen to people who have 5 and 6 kids complain because I don't want to pay for there kids anymore.. there FREE health care, there FREE school lunches, there EBT cards... STOP HAVING KIDS YOU CAN'T PAY FOR!!! We do without all the time. Pisses me off to go to the store only to be able and afford milk and bread while they buy steak with there food stamps. Should only be for the BASIC needs and feed your own kids.. if you can't work and already getting money to buy food.. you can make it instead of sending them to school to be fed yet again for FREE. Cut that program and it would save money at the schools.See More

 Bill Reitan Don't forget her 11 day trip this month to China and other countries with I believe a group of 80.

 Tracy Marshall I have watched alot of these kids who get the free lunches throw most of that food away too. Sad!

 Joanie Piekarski Thanks for explaining EBT to an old farm wife who ( with husband) always worked for a living. I know some people need help SOME of the time, but I think we have to draw the line some where.......how about starting with politicians and paper shufflers?

 Kelin Ray The trade mission to China is a lost cause. They dont want to buy our crap anymore or send their students to WSU where services are already being cut. The old system isnt working. Its time to help one another, fight for one another and overcome this together. Soon EBT will be cut too, then what? Newsflash: There is no recovery and it's only getting worse. I encourage everyone to become informed. Visit my blog at http://wakeupusa.tumblr.com/

 Tina Corliss Dragoo Gregoire is a total joke ,,, 3 counts and she wins ,,, thankfully all those dead folks , felons ,and mentally impared voted for her cause I did not ,,,,

 Vicci Messenger wow people settle down. No need of getting your panties in an scuffle over some debate about money. Nothing like money problems to start a big fight. Yea she hasn't been great for our state at all and I get that but why take it out on the people who need assistance? there is always those who will abuse the system yes but good grief people settle down. WOW you people are hyped up tonight. Why don't you all just settle down for the night and take a chill pill. No need of offending people just for the fun of it.

 Michelle Bricker truley sad! The mentality of most people today. Out for number one, always in a hurry, its everyone else, he did this, and she said that. We even have adults attacking innocent children for tossing their free or reduced lunch. Look at yourselves people! What can u do about it right now? Complaining isnt doing a thing! The only difference it made was how it made u feel and possibly those around u. Save yourself for the big stuff where u CAN make a difference!

 Joanie Piekarski Right on Kelin. Thank you!

 Michelle Bricker one more note: Keep raising your blood pressure and u could end up joining her dead fan club!

 Cheri Davis Instead of attacking people we need to find a solution. There is alot of problems in the nation right now. No jobs, no money etc. Yelling and blaming it on people who use EBT cards or kids for throwing away food isnt fixing the problem. It is just pointing fingers. Instead of pointing fingers we need to find a way to bring back the money and economy. Remember when u are pointing that one finger there are three others pointing back at you.

 Kelin Ray United we stand, divided we fall people

 Sue Owen My son just filled out the form so his kids could get free lunch. Of course he qualified cause you have to make less than $4000 a month. Yep that's right four thousand a month. My husband makes $2800 a month on his unemployment. That's $14 over the limit to get EBT card. Make any sense to you? Me either. No insurance either so I can't get in to see a Dr now. Everyone keeps telling me to us the ER. I don't need the ER I need to see a DR to keep my meds coming that's all. Why should I drain the system when I can pay the Dr visit to keep my meds. Yet they won't see me because I don't have insurance. Which by the way, the first visit wouldn't be covered any how. Ignoramuses.


 David Spiel  Public assistance is suppose to be temporary.. not a way of life. Just like being a politician.. it is suppose to be a way to SERVE the people not benefit from it yourself.. and don't you think the state thought about how to set limits on ...who can qualify and who can't and how much unemployment is to much or not enough? Of course they set it at $14 over.. then you can't qualify. It wouldn't be bad if they actually had the system for what it was for and not as a benifit for those that know how to work the system. Put cars in other peoples names, work under the table.. sorry if someone comes in with a $3000 tatoo and says they can't pay for food tell them they should have managed there money better. I don't have an iPhone and work.. why should they be able to afford one?

 David Spiel Sue.. try the Grace Clinic (sp?) or the former la Clinica.

 Crystal Moug it is always schools and elderly care that get cut. starting to think she does not truely care.

 Kelin Ray I'm not sure that she doesnt care, but her way of thinking isnt in line with the reality of the situation. Her top economist says the recovery will happen but not in the near future and not based on any real data. She is in China begging them to buy our goods and send their people to school here. That is over, China doesnt need us anymore. The governor needs to wake up and start some progressive thinking no matter how hard it is to abandon the old ideas.

 Cheri Davis  Wow this has become quite the discussion. I think we just need to make sure and elect a different person at the elections. The only real way we have of sending a message to our politicians is by voting. If they don't do a good job done vote them in again. It is too bad all politician are so crooked. I would love to see a change in the people running for office. We need more honesty and good down to earth morals in this country. Family, morals and values are lacking so much in this country. This is why I am a stay at home mom so my kids get taught right and wrong and have values that this country seems to lack. Because of that we have to get help from time to time from the state for food and medical. I see posts of people blasting us for relying on the state and I understand their anger. We have one car which my husband and I have to share and it is old. We dont have the latest cell phone and we live in an apartment because we cant afford a house. No tats, no smoking or drinking going on here but yet you want us to get off the EBT? I don't like using it and if we can get by without it I would gladly drop it. I have in the past when my husband made enough to get by without it. So maybe you shouldn't judge us who have to use the system until you know the full story. Sorry for the lengthy post.

 Tom Houck Budget cuts a re a must.... There come a point when the taxpayer can't afford to pay for all the programs that politicians want to offer to keep the people voting for them. It is sad that schools and the elderly suffer first. I think the first cut should come as absolutely no assistance for anyone who is not a legal resident of this country. That would save lads in welfare benefits, food stamps, and would in itself relieve financial burden on school districts. But that makes me heartless in the eyes of most I guess.....

 Michael Robitaille Tom, I agree with what you're saying. If you are not a citizen by birth or naturalization you should not be allowed to receive benefits of any type.

Also, I may get a lot of comments for this, if you show up at DSHS in a vehicle that has a value over $25,000 brand new, you should not be allowed to get benefits. If you keep having kids every nine-11 months you should not be allowed benefits.