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Small business owners and health insurance

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- For many small business owners, the issue of health insurance is a problem they don't want to face. Some business owners have had to choose between health care or staying open.

New legislation could make things a lot easier, however, some owners say they just don't have the time to deal with the problem.

Business owner, Darren Fairweather said, "it would probably help the fact of just trying to make sure I can afford it, because I got other bills. I guess, as a business owner, keeping this place open is more important than keeping health insurance on me."

New legislation in the state Senate is trying to ease the load on business owners. Senate bill 6538 would give sole proprietors the option to apply for group coverage. But some people aren't buying it.

One person told KNDU, "I don't see it happening. I honestly don't think they're going to make this thing work. It looks good on paper, but in reality someone's got to pay for this, and it's going to be the business owner."

Other business owners say they feel their hands have been tied behind their back on the issue of health insurance. Vince Rundhaug said, "no options that I understand are available other than to increase the price of your product and somehow reduce the price of your overhead, so if I had employees, I either be out of business or raise my prices."

Some people are choosing to work by them elves because it's a cheaper option to employees.