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Inmates at a prison in Umatilla are performing Shakespeare

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UMATILLA, Or. -- Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is being performed in Umatilla. Not at the community theater, but at the Two Rivers Correctional Institution, and the actors are inmates.

They've been rehearsing for several months and even borrowed Shakespearian costumes from a theater in Portland.

 Most of the inmates don't have any theatrical experience, nor have they been interested in Shakespeare, but they've embraced their roles and have put together a production they're very proud of and one the audience is enjoying.

"I discovered both poetry and Shakespeare in prison and so it's been a discovery and something very fantastic for me," said Casey Ward, who's playing the role of Theseus, Duke of Athens

"It's been a really neat experience. I've gotten to partake in something and work with a lot of really interesting people that I might not have had the opportunity to know otherwise," said Steve Jamison, who's playing Lysander.

While there are several performances, they aren't open to the public. The audience is mostly inmates, however there are a couple of performances when friends and relatives of the inmates in the play will be able to attend.