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Store owner may be cited for large painting in downtown Walla Walla

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WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- The controversy continues regarding the octopus painting over the Inland Octopus store in downtown Walla Walla.

Bob Catsiff, the store owner, says he's waiting to see what exactly will happen after Monday's City Council Meeting.

100 people attended the meeting to speak out about the painting. The city staff is planning to follow city code and give a notice of violation to the store owner.

The acting City Manager, Tim McCarty says it's not the painting itself that's the problem; it's the size because city code says a sign can only reach 150 square feet, but the octopus painting hits about 3 times that size.

"It wouldn't necessarily have to be that it would come down altogether. So I'm sure there will be some sort of change, communication, or understanding about what will be done to comply with the code," said McCarty.

Owner, Bob Catsiff said, "It means for me that I wait to see what form, if they give me an enforcement action, or a violation or citation, exactly what it says, then I proceed from there."

McCarty says they plan to give a notice of civil violation to the owner by the end of this week. After that, there will be an opportunity for the owner to appeal if he chooses.