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Organic Dry-Cleaning in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash., -- Organic is no longer  a word used just to describe your food. The green movement has reached our local dry cleaners as well, Hi-Tech Cleaners in Richland.  Across the US, about 75% of all dry-cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene --or perc for short.
"Perc is a carcinogen, meaning it causes cancer, and it's bad to be around.  It get in the air, it gets in the water and it's very toxic for the people exposed to it," says Gail Everett, the Environmental Educational Coordinator for the City of Richland.
    Hi-Tech cleaners, off Gage Boulevard uses a different solvent cleaner called hydro-carbon, Dfi-2000 made by Exon, which is made from organic compounds.  The owner, James Choi purchased a brand new machine, to be more eco-friendly for not only the customers but for the employees as well.  "It makes a lot of difference, especially for my workers and for myself.  The smell is not that strong and the chemical is not that strong either.  It makes it easy and safe for everybody around," says Choi.
   Hydro-Carbon solvent is more expensive than perc.  Choi says it costs about one and a half more times more to use it than perc.