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A Viking Family Trio: Selah Volleyball

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Selah, WA.----

      The 2A district volleyball tournament starts Saturday in Selah. The Vikings have a history of volleyball success,  and this year one family is playing a key part in their success. 

      Three family members play varsity volleyball at Selah High School. Two sisters in senior Kayla Dexter and Sophomore Kera, and then there's cousin Tori Dexter.

      Head coach Kay Aberle said, "I knew both families loved volleyball so I was excited about that. I did wonder how they would work together on the team, but they're fine. They're very supportive... And I never see them nipping at each other."

@  All three start for the 20-3 Vikings that currently rank third in the state. So we put each one in front of the camera to give us some family insight on this year's success.

    Junior Tori Dexter said, "Kayla's kind of the more dorky one I guess you could say."

     Kayla Dexter added, "Because I still like pokemon. And I wear cowboy boots and basketball shorts to school."

    Kera chimed in saying, "She talks to her goats in Spanish... Yea!"

    Kayla fired back adding, "My sister made up this handshake that is weird."

    Tori in the midst of the confusion of this weirdness said, "I don't know. It all depends on how you contact the hand I guess so."

     Dying of laughter the youngest one Kera said, "I don't know we kind of just slide our hands. I don't know how to describe it."

    Tori later said, "We do sort of get after each other sometimes. Think something wasn't good enough... Easier to yell at your family members then it is the rest of the team."

    Kayla added, "We are a very close tight nit family. And we're really comfortable around each other and it was kind of more along the lines of... Oh this is something else we get to do during the day together."

@Don't laugh now because this unique pairing may just give Selah head coach Kay Aberle her 6th state title since 1993.