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Your Decision 2010 Headquarters

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KNDU and KNDO are your decision 2010 headquarters. We will update you on initial race outcomes as soon as they come in, anytime after 8 o'clock. Plus, our decision 2010 page has links to all the local county auditor's offices. We will bring you full race coverage on 11@11, plus once your results are posted, they will be scrolled across the bottom of the television on NBC. At 9:24 and 10:24, we will cut into national election coverage to bring you your local results.

AS OF 9:10 PM

U.S. Senate WA: Patty Murray (D) 51%, Dino Rossi (R) 49%
Congress 4TH District: Doc Hastings (R) 71%, Jay Clough (D) 29%
Congress 5TH District: Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) 65%, Daryl Romeyn (D) 35%
Initiative 1053 Raising Taxes: Approve 65%, Reject 35%
Initiative 1082 Industrial Insurance: Approve 42%, Reject 58%
Initiative 1098 State Income Tax: Approve 35%, Reject 65%
Initiative 1100 State Liquor Sales: Approve 48%, Reject 52%
Initiative 1105 State Liquor Sales: Approve 37%, Reject 63%

8th District Senate: Jerome Delvin (R) 64%, Brad Anderson (R) 35%
8th District Representative: Brad Klippert (R) 62%, Carol Moser (D) 38%
16th District Representative: Maureen Walsh (R) 80%, Brenda High (C) 20%
Removal of Benton County Seat: Removal 56%, Against Removal 44% -- this requires a 60% majority vote to be approved
Benton County Assessor: Barbara Wagner (R) 69%, Bill Spencer (R) 31%
Benton County Auditor: Brenda Chilton (R) 59%, Claude Oliver (R) 41%
Benton County Commissioner: Max Benitz (R) 40%, Shon Small (R) 59%
Benton County Coroner: John Hansens (R) 52%, Alberta Redwing (R) 48%
Franklin County Commissioner: Rick Miller (R) 73%, Hans Engelke (R) 27%
Franklin County Auditor: Zona Lenhart (D) 49%, Matt Beaton (R) 51%
Franklin County Prosecutor: Shawn Sant (R) 53%, Steve Lowe (D) 47%
Franklin County Treasurer: Josie Koelzer (R) 55%, Tiffany Coffland (D) 45%
Walla Walla County Coroner: Virginia Romine (R) 45%, Richard Greenwood (R) 55%
Walla Walla County Sheriff: John Turner (R) 54%, Bill White (R) 46%

14th District Legislature: Michele Strobel (R) 52%, Norm Johnson (R) 48%
15th District 1 Legislature: Bruce Chandler (R) 65%, Paul Spencer (D) 35%
15th District 2 Legislature: David Taylor (R) 65%, Thomas Silva (D) 35%,
13th District Legislature: Bill Hinkle (R) 85%, Anthony Novack 15%,
Yakima County Auditor: Corky Mattingly (D) 53%, Mark Peterson (R) 47%
Yakima County Clerk: Kim Eaton (R) 63%, Janelle Riddle (R) 36%
Yakima County Prosecutor: Jim Hagarty (R) 72%, E. David Lees (D) 27%
Yakima County Commissioner: Kenneth Stevens (T) 35%, Rand Elliott (R) 65%
Yakima County Sheriff: Ken Irwin (R) 73%, Kelly Rosneow 26%
Yakima County District Court Judge: Michael Everett 42%, Doug Federspiel 57%
Yakima County District Court Judge: Glen Warren 44%, Brian Sanderson 55%
Yakima County District Court Judge: Donald Engel 55%, Steve Keller 44%
Kittitas County Commissioner: Steve Verhey 38%, Obie O'Brien (R) 62%
Kittitas County Prosecutor: Richard Young 47%, Greg Zempel (R) 53%