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Repealing bottled water and candy tax effects

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KENNEWICK, Wash. --Almost everyone seemed glad to see the tax on bottled water, soda, candy, gum and certain processed foods go on December 2, after voters approved Initiative 1107  on election day. But now the state of Washington budget  in the red.  The estimated fiscal impact of the rollback is expected to be $54.8 million dollars for the remainder of 2011, and $217.6 million for the 2011-2013 state budget cycle.

Senator Jerome Delvin of District 8 says the impact is not detrimental in the big scheme of things. "That's out of a 32 billion dollar budget. It's not much... In the over all picture of the budget it's not even one percent. I don't think it brought in the amount of money they thought it was going to bring in. If you talk to some of the distributors, like Pepsi, their sales were down," says Delvin.

One voter who voted to repeal the tax says, "More people will buy them when they're not so expensive.  So its still going to generate taxes, its just not going to be absorbent."

Workers from convenience stores around Kennewick say they haven't seen much of a difference since the tax went into affect.  "People are still passing through here and basically buying at the same rate they were before," says John Graham who works at Tosoro off US 395 and 27th Avenue.

Most people around town are glad to see the tax go.  "It's just ridiculous, you shouldn't have to pay, it's a $1.69 for a pop right now," says Travis Lehmann.