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City Manager vs. Strong Mayor chart

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Former Council Member, Don Schussler created a chart to show the difference in a City Manager government versus a Strong Mayor government.

Schussler is with the vote "no" campaign and also writes to KNDO:
"The February ballot measure for Yakima voters is urged by Bruce Smith, a business owner who does not live in Yakima, and three members of the current Yakima City Council.  No public organization is identified with the effort to "change" a form of government that has worked successfully for fifty years.
The current form of City government assures professional management of one of the community's largest employers.  The so-called "strong mayor" would need to raise thousands of dollars for campaigning, politicizing the oversight of City Hall.  No qualifications are needed to be mayor, except the ability to vote.
Former Mayor Dave Edler argues that the current Council is "a committee that doesn't work".  Smith has described the Council as "dysfunctional".  But the proposal leaves the current group in place and adds a thoroughly political executive officer of dubious qualification.  Last time they were asked, Yakima voters overwhelmingly defeated this proposal.  Apparently they need to say "no" again."

Yakima Chamber of Commerce Forum
January 10, 2011

Comparison of City Manager vs. Strong Mayor 

[YCC=Yakima City Charter; PCA=Proposed Charter Amendment]


City Manager shall be chosen on the basis of character and ability with special reference to or actual experience in, or knowledge of accepted practices in respect to the duties of his office.
YCC Sec. 7

The City Manager shall be appointed to an indefinite term and may be removed by a majority vote of the Council.
YCC Sec. 8

The City Manager . . . shall receive such salary or compensation as the Council shall fix by ordinance.
YCC Art. II, Sec. 14


Qualification of appointees
Appointments made by . . . the City Manager shall be on the basis of executive and administrative ability and of the training and experience of the appointees in the work which they are to perform.  YCC Art. II, Sec. 12


Veto Authority




The Mayor shall be a resident and qualified elector of the City of Yakima.
PCA, Art. II, Sec. 1



[The Mayor must stand for election every four years.]
PCA Art. II, Sec. 1(A)


The annual salary of the Mayor shall be an amount equal to the highest paid City employee other than the City Administrator [or higher paid judges].
PCA Art. II, Sec. E


[No qualifications required.]  The Mayor shall appoint a City Administrator to assist in the general administration of the City.  The specific responsibilities of the City Administrator shall be determined by the Mayor.
PCA  Art. II, Sec. 4


[The Mayor may veto ordinances, or parts thereof, but such veto may be overridden by a vote of the majority of the Council, plus one vote.]
PCA Art. II, Sec. 14(A)