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Franklin County has a young population

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PASCO, Wash.—Franklin County has a booming population rate, but you may be surprised to learn it's not just because of the good local economy.

The county has the 18th highest population growth rate in the nation.  Between 2004 and 2007 they saw the greatest population change.

A big contributing factor is that the average age is about 27-years-old compared to the rest of the state and nation averaging about 37-years-old.  About 37% of the population is under 19-years-old.  These numbers mean people are having bigger families and the birth rate is higher than the death rate.

The local labor economist says now the county is in need of more services.

"When you have population growth in the community that means there is a demand for bakeries, retail centers, restaurants and also a demand for real estate," says Ajsa Suljic, Labor Economist.

Suljic says about 66% of the working population in Franklin County commutes to another city for work; however, they live in Pasco for the cheaper living costs.

She also believes the population growth rate will start to slow down over the next 20 years.