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Sponsors, Crew Chief, Crew members exit U-37 Schumacher Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Team

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Scott Raney, left Scott Raney, left
U-37 U-37
JW Myers JW Myers

Some big developments with Billy and Jane Schumacher's U-37 unlimited hydroplane racing team.

It started when crew chief Scott Raney announced he was no longer part of the team.  The U-37 team announced they were going in a different direction and Raney had been released.  Several crew members reportedly followed Raney when he left.

Then, Peters & May announced they would not be sponsoring the team in the future.  "We wish Schumacher Racing the best of luck with their new boat next season," said spokesman David Holley.

UPDATE:  Peters & May is expected to sponsor another H1 Unlimited racing team in 2011.

Driver JW Myers, reportedly found out from the H1 Unlimited website that he would no longer be the team's driver in the future.  "We will announce a new crew chief and driver in the near future and we are moving ahead with plans to build a new boat for the 2011 season," said Schumacher on the H1 Unlimited website.

JW Myers, at a recent event in Bellevue, said he expects to be driving again in 2011.

There have been reports that other sponsors have pulled out as well, including some very strong language from one sponsor on the H1 Unlimited Facebook page.


Other rumors are being passed around that the U-37 team will not race at all in 2011, but no confirmation.