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Hometown Success: The Roy Garcia Story

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Grandview, WA---   Six high school basketball teams out of the 380 so odd high schools in Washington state, win the state championship. That's less than 2 percent. Just imagine how rare it would be for one individual to win a state title as a player, as an assistant coach, and a head coach, all with the same high school.

     Grandview basketball has won three state championships. One in 1989... 1990... And 2002. Current greyhounds leading man, Roy Garcia, was there for two of them. One as a player, and one as an assistant coach. He's been given the chance, a team, that can win it all. This year's greyhounds are 20-0, and rank number one in 2a basketball in the state.

     Garcia said, "just our work ethic. Our determine... Desire just to come in and win. The belief that every game that we go to we're apart we're going to win."

     senior captain Christian shrank added, "get yourself ready to go in, and just work as hard as you can. It's another game. It's another situation that you're going to be in. But it's on a bigger stage."

      the 2002 team that won it all, also ran the table. Meaning, Garcia who was born and raised in the town of Grandview, has the possibility to be on the bench for another greyhound perfect campaign.

      Garcia said, "team's like this don't come around very often. So I'm happy about the position. Now as a head coach I can see the stress behind it, and being able to go out there and continue win and win... But it's fun and at the same time stressful. It's a privilege coming back to our hometown and leading these boys and hoping that we can do something special."

     This year's team fears no one. Respects all, and knows if it plays to its potential a fourth state title may be on the horizon. Their run towards being number one begins Thursday night in the district playoffs.