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COPY-2011 Hydro Racing Rule Changes

On Tuesday, the H1 Board of Directors and Chief Referee voted on and approved rule changes for the 2011 racing season.

What fans have talked about for the past few years, and many have wanted, will return when the season opens in Madison 4th of July weekend.

Fighting for lanes is officially back in the rulebook for 2011.  Gone are assigned lanes and drivers can determine their position for the start of a race by the pre-race milling period that many fans and drivers have wanted. There will be restrictions on position and pre-race speeds.

Additionally there will be a specified two hour qualifying period. Teams can qualify during later designated periods, but can't improve upon their position. Also new will be the points gathered for qualifying will go towards making the final heat. In the past, points for qualifying only went towards national high points and not during that specific race.

The last most notable change will be on-board cameras. Each team will be required to carry two, one on the tail section and one in the cockpit. These will be used by the officials in determining any infraction on the water during a race.