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Renowned speaker on domestic violence in the Tri Cities

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PASCO, Wash. -- Mark Wynn is a retired police officer whose mother was a victim of domestic violence.  He has made it his mission to travel the U.S. and to other countries to help people understand domestic violence and to help put a stop to it.

Monday evening he spoke at Columbia Basin College.

He says it takes a community working together to make a difference when it comes to this serious problem.

He says communities that have a high rate of domestic violence are communities that are reporting it.  "And that's what you want," said Wynn.  "We want people to report, because in the past, people didn't report, not only with domestic violence, but child abuse, sexual assault and elder abuse.  So when you see more people reporting, that's a sign the community is open. There are resources, there are people who will help you get out. There are people who will give you an alternative to living in violence, so that's a good thing when you see the number of reports go up," said Wynn.

Wynn also says it important for the community to hold public officials and public servants accountable.  "You need to make the law keep its promise, and the other side of that is what can I do as a member of the community?  How can I help you as a shelter, as a police department, as a court, as a child protective agency, because what we see around the country where communities truly lower their domestic violence homicides and their incidents of domestic violence, is a community that works together," said Wynn.

 Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties partnered with the Kennewick Police Department to bring Mark Wynn to the Tri Cities to speak.

 If you are in a domestic violence situation, you can contact Domestic Violence Services 24-hours a day.  The 24-hour crisis line and shelter's number is 509-582-9841 or 1-800-648-1277.