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Check Scamming seen in local businesses

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RICHLAND, Wash. --  The accounting manager at Columbia Basin Racquet Club wanted to warn local businesses about a scam that was attempted at their place of business.

Beth Munsterman received an Express Package from UPS with a check made out to CBRC for $4,500.  She got suspicious when there was a list of instructions.  " This was just merely a note, saying respond to this e-mail and we'll give you further instructions, go in and cash the check," says Munsterman.

Zan Deery, the Lead Investigator with the BBB Eastern Washington, North Idaho & Montana says the scam is time game.

"It can take 7-14 days for a check to actually completely clear. So you wouldn't know exactly right away what's going on," says Deery.  In the mean time you've deposited the fake check into your account and it gives you a fake balance.  That's when they ask you a wire a portion of the money back to them.

Deery has some extra tips for business owners.

*Be wary of checks that come out of the blue to you.
*If someone demands that you do all communication via email, consider it a red flag.
*Never wire to a random or unknown source. If the word "wire is mentioned, consider it a red flag. If you wire transfer any funds from a fake check deposit, you are 100% liable for whatever you have spent and/or wired of those funds.
*If you ever receive a random shipped check like this, report it ASAP to the official deliverer. If you are able to take the mailing to a local FedEx or shipping source, you can report the scam to them. If you have fallen victim to this scam, report it

ASAP to the FTC at: and file a law enforcement report to keep a paper trail.