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Tax Freedom Day later than last year

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This year Americans will pay more in taxes than they will spend on groceries, clothing and shelter.

But today we're celebrating Tax Freedom Day, a symbol of when people have earned enough to pay this year's obligations.

According to the Tax Foundation, to get to Tax Freedom Day in our area people spend 36 days on income taxes, 22 days on social insurance, and even work 18 hours to pay off gift taxes.

Tax freedom day is actually later this year than it was last, that's because of income changes and just overall economic difficulties. Today we talked with the founder of the Freedom Warriors here in the Tri-Cities who tracks the day every year.

"The average American, the total tax rate, everything they pay in taxes is about 28%," Jim Forbes said. "Well, we know some people pay a lot less than that, and we know some people pay a lot more, so that day varies for the individual based on income and life style and expenditures."

Forbes says the day is metaphorical in a sense as we average out the gross amount of money each person earns starting in January to reach Tax Freedom Day. To put it into perspective, in Europe the day is pushed back several months, showing they pay more taxes than we do here.