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"Teen Wolf" transformation for food drive

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We were introduced to "Teen Wolf" at a men's salon in Kennewick. His name comes as a joke from co-workers out at Hanford. With his shaggy, yet thick hair and full faced bearded, it's easy to see why.

His real name is Mike Bahny, and he's as kind as his smile is infectious. But now, his co-workers and friends want to be able to see that smile a little more easily.  

"We wanted to take the piercings out, get him a shave, get a haircut. A group of co-workers offer him 500 bucks," Hanford Communication Specialist Peter Bengtson said. "Well, they made 500 bucks in one day and so they have increased it to $2,000. They made the money, and he in the {salon}chair." 

When each piece of hair fell, and each lip ring came out, we found out the money raised would go to Second Harvest for our KNDU-KNDO Family Food Drive, and $2,000 was just the start.  

"This is unique. There's a lot of creativity. And our workers are really rallying around the fact that these are some challenging times," Bengtson said. "During the Summer time, the shelves are really empty at Second Harvest and we need to fill those up."

 And to help fill up those empty shelves... Teen Wolf transformed. Cleanly shaven, hair cut and styled into a businessman look. A beautiful suit fitted around his body. A look he hasn't had for years.

"It feels really good that so many of us out there who are a little better off because we do have jobs and can help out, and we do help," Mike says when the transformation is complete.

We also learned that this is just one way workers at Hanford are donating. We're told there are many other groups on the site raising money for our family food drive.