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Painless varicose vein treatment

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RICHLAND, Wash.—Millions of Americans suffer from pain, swelling and disfigurement from severe varicose veins.  Thousands undergo vein stripping, which can be gruesome for some.  However, KNDU discovered a painless procedure that is growing in popularity here in the Tri-Cities.

Catheter surgery known as "ClosureFast" or "Lunch Break" surgery is an up and coming procedure for severe varicose veins.  The procedure lasts only 30 minutes.  Thousands of people in the Tri-Cities alone have already been treated with the quick and even painless procedure.

"I've had the right leg done, and today I'm in to have the left leg done," says Jim Sedgwick, received ClosureFast procedure. 

The varicose vein treatment is done from the inside with radio-frequency waves or laser treatment.

"Raising the temperature high enough so that the vein collapses and then we can seal the incompetent vein reducing blood pooling causing painful varicose vein symptoms," says Dr. Thomas Trotta, Vascular Surgeon.

About half of Americans over 50 have varicose veins and one-third are men.  Now more are becoming aware of the advancing procedure.

"Number one, the ultrasound technology is far superior to what it was then.  The imaging capability is better.  We can provide more accurate treatment and to smaller veins and veins we weren't treating 11 years ago," says Dr. Trotta.

Over the past 11 years, Dr. Trotta has helped 2,500 people locally, and just like Jim, many are happy with the results.

"I was left with a needle mark, an injection mark," says Sedgwick.

The radio-frequency procedure is covered by most insurance agencies.