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WV Middle School students get sick after being sold caffeinated peppermints

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YAKIMA, Wash- At least two West Valley Middle School students were taken to the hospital today after eating "Penguins" caffeinated peppermints another student sold them.  On the back of the container it warns that three peppermints are the equivalent of one cola beverage.

Dave Jaeger, the West Valley the principal says that a sixth grade boy brought eight boxes of them to school.  One of the students treated at the hospital said he gave away the pills Thursday telling kids it would make them hyper and then Wednesday he sold them.

The principal said 30 to 35 kids had some effects from the pills with the most extreme being the two girls were taken to the hospital...pretty frightening for parents.  Trina Harris got a call from work Friday morning telling her that her daughter was it.  It turns out she had eaten 12 of the peppermints.  Harris is not only disturbed that her sixth grader was sold the peppermints but she wonders how the boy got his hands on them in the first place.

"My daughter had 12 of them and you know it could be serious I think as a parent and I don't think that children should have access to purchase them", says Harris.

Another parent, who asked that we just identify her by her first name also wonders why the boy's parents didn't stop him.

"My question is where are the parents and how does a child you know 11 or 12 years old get their hands on something like this and get out of their home with it and bring it to school to sell it?", asks Lindsay.

The school district did not make themselves available for an interview.  However Jaeger did say he disciplined the boy who distributed the pills but wouldn't give any details about how. 

Both Lindsay and Harris want the student expelled.