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More people say gas prices are hurting their wallets

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-  High gasoline prices are pushing a lot of Americans to make tough choices, scaling back summer vacations, driving less or ditching the car altogether.  

A new AP poll shows seniors are struggling the most.

The poll shows an increase in the amount of Americans who say the price at the pump is more than an inconvenience.

71 percent of Americans say the price of gas will cause financial problems for them and their family.

Including, 41 percent who called it a "serious" hardship.

Only 29 percent said rising fuel prices are not causing a negative impact on their finances.

63 percent of household's making over $50,000 a year now say rising prices are causing financial hardship.  That's up from 55 percent in march.

According to the poll seniors are hit the hardest with 76 percent expressing hardship. That's up from 68 percent just two months ago.

Now if your one of the people feeling the pain at the pump, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Analyst say gas prices could drop as much as 40 cents in the next four weeks.