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Fire Department needs publics help in fire prevention

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YAKIMA, Wash.--With fire season upon us and personal fireworks going up for sale June 28th, the Yakima Fire Department is asking for the publics help to prevent wildfires. They say the wet spring led to heavy growth, and could make this year especially bad.

According to State Fire Marshal's Office there were 575 incidents involving fireworks last year. Personal fireworks can play a big role in starting brush fires.
"If anybody is lighting fireworks illegally there is that potential for an aerial device to either hit your property and start a brush fire and then it will spread to everybody else's property," said Brandon Dorenbush, Deputy Fire Marshal of the Yakima Fire Department.

Captain Dorenbush says that people can do several things this time of year to keep fires from breaking out.

"First thing they can do, number 1; don't light fireworks. There are places in other jurisdictions where you can light them off, you'd have to call the county offices for that," said Dorenbush. "Number 2; clear the brush around your house."

With the budget hit hard this year, resources for firefighting could be affected. Currently Yakima Fire says there are necessary crews in place but because this fire season could be above average, there is the possibility of problems.

"But should a couple of fires break out all those resources could be all exhausted on one fire and there could be no resources available for the next," Dorenbush said.

The State Fire Marshal's Office says that parents need to take an active role with their children in not only fire prevention, but firework safety.