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Would you pay for healthier chicken eggs?

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PASCO, Wash.—The treatment of our food supply is a hot topic for many, and some people are now trying to change nationwide regulations.  A new legislation formed by the Humane Society of the United States and the United Egg producers would require egg producers to use larger cages. 

"All of them will have to be produced in what's called an enriched colony system," says Kent Woodward, Oakdell Farms.

If the new national regulations are approved, the enriched colony system would require cages twice the size of current standards, add perches, pads and dust baths.  Plus it would make it easier for egg producers to distribute outside of the state.

"If every state has a different set of rules to go by it makes it extremely hard to sell our eggs or to buy eggs from another place and legally be able to do it," says Woodward.

Two big costs would be passed on to both the producers and consumers.  It would cost an estimated $4-billion for farmers to change their systems, and an increase in the cost of eggs for you. 

"In the end I think this will be better for the egg producer, it will be better for the consumer and it will be better for the birds," says Woodward.

Legislation is expected to reach congress in 2012.