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Yakima intersection causing problems for drivers

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- An intersection in Yakima has been causing a lot of issues for drivers.

Summitview Ave. and Yakima Ave. is the intersection in question. More specifically, turning left off Summitview onto Yakima, a very heavily traveled route.      

People we've spoken to say there's a lack of signs to tell drivers which lanes they can turn from. Many said they've been cut off and nearly hit because of the confusion.

The Yakima Streets and Traffic Operations Manager says the city is aware of the problem and they're working on a fix that satisfies everyone. He says they adjusted the turn lanes about a month ago and some drivers have not realized it.

"Unfortunately when we striped it, the taper, the transition was a little short," said Jon Rosenlund of the Yakima Public Works Dept. "We're looking to make that a little bit smoother transition through there. Make it a little more natural movement."

Rosenlund says drivers need to pay better attention to the striping and realize they can turn left from both lanes.
One possible solution to the problem is extending the stripes further down Summitview to give drivers more time to adjust to the change.