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Back to school supplies can be costly

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RICHLAND, Wash.--Back to school supplies can be costly. What we found today is the cost of school supplies depends on the grade level and type of courses a student is enrolled in. The biggest costs depends on the classes.

Lorraine Cooper of the Kennewick School District says "a math class is going to require perhaps that calculator or different supplies than you language arts class." This means more money is needed to purchase some of these supplies.

Getting school supplies is not just for elementary school students. Cooper says "a lot of times we are thinking about back to school supplies, we think about crayons and we are thinking about plastic scissors and things for elementary school children. But there is also needs in middle schools and high schools for other types of supplies."

Schools are transitioning so students in the 8th grade will be taking algebra. This means these students will be needing more sophisticated calculators, which can be costly.

Supplies lists for different schools and classrooms can be found online at the school's website, or stores selling supplies may have the lists.