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YPD working towards reducing graffiti in Yakima

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- Graffiti in Yakima is a big eye sore, especially for people who have to deal with it everyday. The Yakima Police Department is trying to stop it.     

YPD has "FlashCams" set up around the city to catch tagger's in action.
They're motion triggered cameras that take pictures of people committing the crime.

23 cameras are placed around the city in areas that have high reports of tagging.

Officer Jaime Gonzalez says the cameras have helped the problem but unfortunately the number of reported tagging's hasn't seen a real drop.

"It keeps graffiti away for the time that they're installed. but we're also hoping if the graffiti does occur that we could possibly get these kids in action and prosecute and deter them from future tagging," said Ofc. Gonzalez.

Since the cameras have been in action they've caught about 8 people. Most of which have been identified and prosecuted.

Officer Gonzalez says that although they do deter tagger's, when the cameras come down, reports of graffiti go right back up.