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Americans Williams is a Star on the Rise

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Kennewick, WA--- Tri-City Americans are in the midst of rookie camp this, and one player expected to join main this Monday would be Ams forward, Brian Williams.  The highly touted 16-year-old has world class speed and puck handling ability, according to scouts and coaches.  A main reason the Ams took a chance on this prospect in the 2010 Bantam Draft. 

      Williams at the time was a projected top five pick in 2010, until he expressed interest in playing college hockey at the NCAA level.  Still the Ams selected Williams in the 8th round, and are happy they did, with Williams choosing to be in Tri-City. 

     What the 5'9, 160 pound forward from California needed to improve on this summer was his strength.  So in the off-season Williams did just that.  Increasing his bench press totals from 115 pounds to 155, along with ranking third in lower body strength at camp. 

     Williams said, "It was important to me because I didn't want to feel embarrassed coming into camp you know with the same outcome. So I was just in the gym five days a week... Skating the other two trying to make a difference. I think I need to prove I can fit in physically, putting some pucks in the net. Keeping up with the tempo."

     Ams head coach Jim Hiller said, "That's the amazing part of it. He's that size, and he was ranked third in strength in the lower half. We have a lot to look forward too here for the next four or five years with Brian."

     Power skating coach Vanessa Hettinger added, "He's got a lot of upside. He's a very good skater. He's very coach-able... Very into it. He's got a great head for the game, and that's the thing is you can be a great skater... But a great skater doesn't always equal great player... But he's both."