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Banks educating customers on skimming devices

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PASCO, Wash.--Banks educating customers on skimming devices. These devices are attached to ATMs and anything else used to swipe a debit or credit card.

It is damaging because the people who use these devices and attach them to ATMs can get account information from bank customers and take their money.

There are two types of skimming materials. One that collects account information on the reader until someone comes and picks it up. The other one automatically sends card information to a third-party right after a person swipes their card.

Banks are doing what they can to monitor accounts and do regular checks on their ATMs. CEO of Bank Reale Dennis Gisi says "all of the staff has been trained as far as those devices go. What to look for, how to communicate?  What to do so the general public can make sure they are educated in what is happening with these devices."

Skimming devices can also be found on gas station pumps too. A lot of banks recommend using the same ATM so it is easier to spot anything out of the ordinary.

Banks are getting the word out about hacking tactics so customers are more aware. If customers see anything out of place they should call police.