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Auto-pulse device helps saves lives

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PROSSER, Wash.-- Auto-pulse device helps saves lives. It's like having another medic on hand when someone is having heart problems. The machine does all the work.

The Auto-pulse is strapped around the patient's body and acts like an automated CPR machine. It monitors the patient's heart rate and determines how often their chest needs to be compressed.

It acts like an extra person in an ambulance or emergency room. It can help resuscitate someone who is having a heart attack while other medics are busy checking other organs.

Prosser Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in the state that has the Auto-pulse. Paramedic Brandon Fogelson says "when you turn it on, it has a set rate to do 80 compressions a minute. The it times when it's going to defibrillate the patient based on those compressions."

At the hospital the Auto-pulse can be connected to a monitor that tracks heart compressions. Depending on the heart reading if the person needs to be shocked, the machine can detect how often it needs to be done to keep them alive.

The hospital got the Auto-pulse less than a month ago. They bought it as part of a $160,000 purchase for new equipment.