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Tri-City Americans players' love of ping pong only trumped by hockey

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KENNEWICK, Wash -- The Tri-City Americans favorite sport may not be out here, but in here. Yep, I'm talking about ping pong. So which Am's player is the best?

"Holland's good, Feser's good, Yuen thinks he's good," said Marcus Messier and Sam Grist.

The Americans love ping pong so much, they recently held a tournament. Each player has their own style.

"I'm pretty good I think. I'm the only one who holds it the Asian style and I always get chirped for it, but I think it'll play through," said Zach Yuen.

Do players on the team like ping pong more than hockey? 

"Off the ice it's our thing to do. It is our little past time and it's fun. But definitely not as fun as hockey," said Yuen.

"You don't have to move as much in ping pong. But hockey for sure," said Messier.

It is clear the Tri-City American players are as dedicated and competitive no matter what sport they're playing.