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Walla Walla war vet reveals 60 year old secret in new book

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WALLA WALLA, WA-A woman in Walla Walla has written a book about her father, a World War Two veteran, who kept a secret for sixty years.

Karen Alaniz says she began writing the memoir nine years ago when her father, Murray Fisher, showed her letters he had written to his parents while serving as a naval radio messenger.

Alaniz says the details in those letters showed a war much different than the one her father told her about when she was growing up.

"He made it sound like Boy Scout camp," Alaniz says. "It turns out that was just an abbreviated part of the story. It wasn't the whole story."

Among the secrets the letters revealed is that the young railroad telegrapher from Walla Walla became a top-secret code breaker for the Navy, and cracked a Japanese diplomatic code.

Another story Fisher never told his daughter as a child is one that haunts the veteran to this day, at age 90.

If you'd like to learn more about Breaking the Code, and glimpse at the opening chapters, visit Alaniz's website by clicking here.