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Quitting smoking through hypnosis

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RICHLAND, Wash.—Millions of Americans smoke tobacco every day, and it can be one of the hardest habits to quit.  November is national Stop Smoking months and some people are inspired to break the habit.  NBC Right Now looked into hypnosis as one way to throw out the pack.

Cindy Attar, a local hypnotherapist who recently lost her father to Emphysema is now trying to help smokers from losing theirs.  She believes hypnotherapy can break a smoker of the addiction, and it's safe.  She says we go in and out of hypnosis every day.  An example is when you zone out.

"Hypnosis is focus, it's an altered state.  It's totally natural," says Cindy.

Attar says she can bring you to a deeper level to reach your subconscious mind.  She then will ask you the right questions to break your habit.

"Knowing what you know now would you have started smoking?  And most of the time they say absolutely not," says Attar.

She then works on habit and addiction.  About 80% of her clients quit smoking. Attar says it takes most smokers three sessions to quit.  She charges $299 as a package deal, and she'll work with you until give it up.  To schedule an appointment, call 438.1867.