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Waitsburg-Prescott football team a family affair

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WAITSBURG, Wash. -- It's a Bartlow family affair for the Waitsburg-Prescott football team. There's Jeff - the dad and head coach. There's Zack - the star quarterback. And there's Nate - a defensive lineman and linebacker. So what's it like having dad as coach?

"He definitely stresses you out a little bit with his constant preparation and he's always talking about it. It's impossible to go through a dinner without football being brought up. It's just always present in our house," Zack said.

Jeff has been the Cardinals head coach for thirteen years. Having two sons on the football team means that it's football at school and at home. It makes one wonder what Mrs. Bartlow thinks, but Jeff says she's ok.

"She's really good about allowing me to be consumed with it. It dominates our schedule and everything revolves around it. She's been that way for thirteen years," Jeff said.

Zack is a senior, and one of the best quarterbacks in the 2B having guided the Cardinals to back to back state semifinals. Nate is a sophomore. The brothers say having dad as coach has its perks and drawbacks.

"The best thing would be is you know what the conditioning is so you don't have to worry about it. The worst thing is he expects more out of you throughout the football season," Nate said.

Do the brothers get along being around each other pretty much 24/7?

"We watch a lot of ESPN and a lot of sports together, and we do a lot of activities together and we spend a lot of time together. We talk about basically anything. We got a lot in common it's nice," Zack said.