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Using hypnotherapy on pets?

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RICHLAND, Wash.— Do you ever have problems with your dog running away, chewing, or barking?  And nothing has broken your pet of their bad habit?  A local hypnotherapist believes she may be able to help.

Cindy Attar with Hypnosis by Cindy in Richland uses hypnotherapy not only to help people, but also to help animals.  She says she uses similar techniques.

"It's almost like I step into their minds and am them and I feel what they feel," says Cindy Attar, Hypnosis with Cindy.

Attar says once she gets into their minds she can work on the root of any problem by having a telepathic conversation.  She can find out the cause of the animal's issues and talk them through it as she would in a session with a human being.  She then teaches the owner how to help their pet.

This is a pretty unknown practice.  However, Dr. Coleman, a local veterinarian, says he has heard of animal communicators and sometimes recommends it to his clients.  Coleman describes it as energetic communication.

"Families often times find out things that are going on internally," says Dr. Chuck Coleman, Pet Medical Center.

Attar says clients often won't see immediate results, because it takes time to break a habit.  But if the owner works with their pet, they should see changes within in a few days.

"When I get the results and I know I see the results in that animal I don't care what their owners think about what I do," says Cindy Attar.

Attar currently does not charge for a pet hypnotherapy session.  She offers her services for free and uses them in her case studies.  She hopes to volunteer her skills with local people, pets and animal based organizations.

To contact Cindy call 438.1867.