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Liquid chemical used to keep roads safe

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- With the first day of winter almost here street crews are getting ready to keep them free of ice.

Yakima's Streets and Traffic Operations Manager, Joe Rosenlund says the city uses a different kind of chemical to keep streets safe.

It's called hot melt, made of liquid calcium chloride.

Rosenlund says that it not only gets rid of ice at lower temperatures, but even keeps it from forming.

"It works very well for both helping breaking up the snow and ice but it also helps the snow and ice from sticking to the ground so it makes it easier to plow," said Rosenlund.

The calcium chloride is also less damaging to concrete and cars than standard rock salt is.
Rosenlund says the city still does use the rock salt after big storms, but with the hot melt they don't have to use as much.