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PNNL scientists create and study weather

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 Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories are trying to put a stop to the guess work. They want to really know what the weather is going to do. But it's not that easy...

"It's just as complex as the human body that gives us life. And so we don't understand brain function; we don't understand a lot of the human body. The atmosphere is the same way; it's just as complex," says Senior Researcher Chuck Long.

All weather is connected with patterns around the world interacting with each other.

So since these scientists can't be everywhere at once, they need to actually create weather in a lab before they can study it.

They create particles that you'd find in different kinds of air, such as city air or forest air. Then they measure how those kinds of particles interact with each other.

It's all to find the answer human kind has been asking for; for centuries.

"Why the atmosphere behaves the way it does. So we can better predict what it will be tomorrow, ten years from now, 50 years from now," says Long.