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PINLAND EMPIRE: Making Your Own Cards With Pictures

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I love saving money by making my own cards, and I think they mean more. Here is how you make cards with pictures!

1. Pick a picture. I LOVE using nature shots. All of the pictures I use are ones that I took. Try to get close-ups of flowers, pine trees, waterfalls, really anything! If you like hiking, bring your camera. You can get some GREAT shots there!

2. Pick colors that bring out your picture. Two would be great. Don't go for the color that is want to accent something in the picture.

3. Crop the picture.

4. Tape the picture to the back of one of your accent colors.

5. Tape that to another color, or a print.

6. Set your front card aside.

7. Now make the card. All you have to do is use the envelope you are going to use to measure.

8. Fold the card.

9.Tape the front of the card to the actual card.

Perfect! You are done:)