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Burn fat before swimsuit season

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KENNEWICK, Wash.- As warmer weather approaches some may feel they're not quite swimsuit ready.

Our partners at Broadmoor Fitness at Hansen Park say they have just the thing to shed those pesky pounds.

The best part is no membership or equipment is needed, and it only takes about 5 minutes.

The workout is 6 excersices for 15 seconds each.  After you complete the workout take a short break (30 seconds or so) to catch your breath and repeat the workout two more times. 

You don't even need to count out reps, just try to keep a pace your comfortable with.

1 jumping jacks,

2 high knees (running in place),

3 burpees (basically from standing position drop down, do a push up, pop back to standing, and hop up in the air.)

4 touch and jumps (squat down touch the floor with right hand and hop up and do a pretend basketball jump-shot)

5 touch and jumps (this time touch with left hand and do a left handed jump-shot)

6 alternating lunges (step forward with your left foot, bring your right knee close to the ground.  Then do the same with your right foot forward and left knee to the ground.  It's best if you can smoothly transition from left to right.)

For more info call Broadmoor Fitness at Hansen Park. (509) 735-7744