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*Squawk* Looking for home!

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Know the feeling when you just can't find the word you're looking for? A parrot in the Tri-Cities sure does. 

The little green chatter box was found Tuesday afternoon outside Jordan Harwood's home in North Richland.

She brought the blue-cheeked amazon to the VCA Animal Medical Center where she works, and her coworker took the feather friend under her wing. 

But despite the squawks and squeaks, this lost pet just can't say where home is. 

Harwood said, "I was shocked when he first said it was parrot I was like oh maybe a robin, something else, but sure enough it was a parrot and it was very friendly came right up to us."

Staci Bell, a Kennel Manager at VCA who is taking care of the bird, said, "She's doing really well she's definitely not a morning bird, that's for sure, when I got her out this morning she was ticked so she's definitely not a morning bird."
So the search is on for the parrot's owner. If that happens to be you, your green companion is waiting for you at the VCA Animal Medical Center, located at 1530 Jadwin Avenue in Richland, just give them a call, at (509) 943-5671.