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Prosecutor will not release independent Huston report after consulting lawyers

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PASCO, Wash. -- An update tonight on a story NBC Right Now has been following for months.

The independent, 3rd party report on the embezzlement claims against former Franklin County Public Works Accountant Dennis Huston is now complete, but we still don't know what it contains.

The Franklin County Prosecutor's office hired an independent 3rd party to conduct their own internal investigation about who knew about the Dennis Huston embezzlement case.

That report was originally in draft form, which is why NBC Right Now was previously told it wasn't being released, but the nine page document is now complete.

However, Prosecutor Shawn Sant says after consulting with other attorneys, he believes it's in the county's best interest to keep that information private because of possible lawsuits the county could face from former employees.

"We don't make these decisions lightly, because we recognize too, we'd like to be, we're trying to be, and I think we have been as transparent as possible where we can. But certainly we don't want to jeopardize the county's position, should there be subsequent litigation down the road,"says Sant.

The three county commissioners have seen the report, but it is considered an "Attorney-Client Privileged" document. Sant says there is no time frame for when or if that document will be available to us or the public.