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Nanny involved in Pasco woman's alleged kill her husband plot, gets settlement

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- It was an unusual case in Pasco that made national headlines in 2010. 38 year old Michelle Murdock arrested, accused of trying to kill her much older husband. The couple's nanny, Shalena Millward, going undercover for police. "They did the sting operation, where she had handed the poison that she got to her, which was on camera and video and they arrested her," says Millward's attorney Bill Reinig.

But during Murdock's attempted murder trial, John David Murdock changed his story. "He stated that Shalena had been trying to drug his kids and various other things," says Reinig.

The prosecution ended up dropping attempted murder charges against Michelle Murdock, and she entered an Alford Plea to conspiracy to obtain controlled drugs. However,Shalena Millward's reputation was ruined, and to this day, all the accusations pop up on the internet anytime you search her name.

"Potential employers looking for a nanny are scared off and it's difficult for her to get employment," says her attorney. Reinig also says that's what made Millard file a defamation of character lawsuit. The suit was settled in January 2012, for an undisclosed amount with a clause for her not to do media interviews.

John David Murdock also signed a declaration document retracting the allegations her made against her. "A declaration by David Murdock basically retracting the allegations that he had made against Shalena about poisoning their kids," says Reinig.

Even though the case was settled in January the information was allowed to be released just this week. Millward has since moved out of the Tri-Cities and is studying to do counseling work.