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Hot temperatures a safety issue for pets

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- As temperatures soar to the hottest yet this year, many people are trying to stay out of the heat but they often forget that their pets don't like it either. In fact, many over look just how deadly the heat can be for animals. The hot weather is harder on pets than it is on their owners.

Veterinarians see many cases this time of year with pets that are in serious condition and even near death because of heat stroke and dehydration.

Some of the top reasons pets reach this point is because they're left in cars or closed spaces where they can't keep cool and have no access to water. Also owners take them for outdoor recreation that wares on their pet faster than them. Animal's fur coats and smaller airways makes it harder on them. Veterinarians recommend doing activities in the morning and say temperatures higher than 80 degrees are too hot for having your pet outside.

Meadow Hills Veterinary Center veterinarian, Dr. Susan Thorson says, owner need to remember animals physically cool themselves differently than humans.

"Doggies can only cool themselves with their tongues and that's not a lot of cooling capability. They'll start panting. They'll get weak and long before we will. So keep them out of the heat. Have fun but in the cool," says Thorson.

The warning signs your pet is in danger are strong panting, not moving around and a bright red tongue. If your pet has any of those symptoms you should take you animal to a veterinarian right away.

Dogs are more likely than cats to suffer from heat issues because they can't move to shade as easily as cats do by jumping or climbing to cooler places.