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Electronic tolling programs can make mistakes

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- Have you ever gotten a ticket for using a toll road, even when you know you've never driven there? It happened to us recently with one of our news cars.

The ticket we got in the mail said one of our news cars didn't pay the toll on State Route 520, the bridge that connects Bellvue to Seattle. The problem is we didn't take that news car there.

The ticket was a result of the "Good-to-Go" tolling program.

It's an electronic system that takes a picture of your license plate if you don't have a "Good-to-Go" pass when crossing certain toll roads.

Tolls Operations Manager, Lucinda Broussard says the program is really accurate, but if the computer isn't sure about your plate number, they have steps in place to, in most cases, figure it out.

"If it can't read it then it goes to a manual review in which a human looks at that license plate and determines what it is. The system is 99.9%, it's pretty good, but it's not 100%," said Broussard.

She says they rarely have problems with the system but if it does happen to you, you can call the DOT customer service hotline to get it sorted out.

Always take a close look at the ticket before you pay because if it happened to us, that means it can happen to you.