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People are fed up with park vandalism

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Yakima, WASH.--Go to Randall Park on a weekend and you will see tons of families having picnics, feeding the ducks or just going for a stroll.

"People love Randall Park," said Ken Wilkinson, the Parks and Recreation Manager for Yakima. "There's lots to do here. Great open space, the pond to feed the ducks, and there's a nice playground here and picnic shelter too."

Like many parks in Yakima, Randall Park sees its fair share of vandalism.

Jeff Larin enjoys spending time at the park and is upset with the large amount of vandalism.

He said, "The park tables have been written on with either the paint markers or whatnot. They've been stripping trees, and I just think it's despicable."

Wilkinson said, "Vandalism is always one of our concerns so we try to keep the facilities as nice as we possible can, but from time to time we do have vandalism and that costs us money."

Money that could be spent installing new facilities is instead being put towards cleaning up damage.

"That's very frustrating to us as staff because we like to provide great facilities and great programs to the community, and sometimes we can't do that due to vandalism," said Wilkinson.

People are getting fed up with the vandalism. They said they love coming to the park and don't understand why anyone would want to destroy it.

"The facilities are here for everybody," said Larin. "Wanton destruction it doesn't help the system. Doing this kind of stuff hurts everybody, not just the park."

Anthony Prieto, a regular Randall Park user, said "Our park would look a lot nicer without it."

Ridge Harmon agreed with Prieto. "It doesn't really help out our park. I just think it would be a lot nicer if they didn't do that."

Parks and Recreation said they won't be deterred by vandalism and will constantly look for ways to upgrade and improve facilities.