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Richland School Board discusses bond for construction projects

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- Richland School Board members met Tuesday to address the many construction projects needed to handle the district's growing enrollment numbers and how much it will cost tax payers.

The board talked about the estimated price tag on the bond that will be needed to pay for all the construction and engineers came back with a higher number than they anticipated. The total cost to do all nine construction projects is one hundred fifty million dollars. The school board thought it would cost less and planned for a ninety million dollar bond with thirty-four million dollars in state money. Instead, engineers say current plans will require a one hundred sixteen million dollar bond.

Richland School Board member, Rick Jansons, says the board doesn't want to drive up the cost for tax payers, so they're looking at ways to cut costs and get back to a ninety million dollar bond.

"We are going through a process now to pare that back, take a look at what's absolutely necessary and to bring those costs down as best we can," says Jansons.

Some schools need attention sooner than others and the board is considering prioritizing which ones need to be done now and then work on the others in a few years.

A ninety million dollar bond would increase property taxes about thirty-eight cents for every one thousand dollars of value in 2014. The increase would stay for fifteen years until the bonds are paid off.