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Potential new plan for Richland's REACH Center could start construction in April

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- The Hanford Reach Interpretive Center is getting a boost in morale from public and private support that are helping to step up to get the project done.

Last night's public workshop gave the Richland Public Facilities District Board some much needed confidence that people are still invested in this project. However, the board may need to drop their current plans and build something smaller with the money they have. Advisors say that's possible.

Richland PFD Vice President, Rick Jansons, says one of the suggested plans is changing the way they're looking forward.

"One of the best idea's I heard last night was the building design process that allows us to have this building under construction by April, next April, with a fixed price so there are no unknowns," says Jansons.

A build/design plan means the board would select a design and construction team that works together to create plans for a fixed price and start time.

George Garlick, one of the project's financial contributors, says this plan is a solid one that can deliver.

"The process that we have reviewed with local contractors and local groups of large status, they confirm yes indeed this process, this schedule is realistic," says Garlick.

The REACH would go ahead and build one structure initially. They would make what they can with the money they have to get something built.

"We have enough acreage now to build a campus in that our first building would be our interpretive center, we could have an educational center, a fine arts center that follow on as we raise more money," says Jansons.

The board and supporters mean business and say this new plan will remove doubts and show results.

"We want to also take out the uncertainties. The uncertainties of the schedule, the uncertainties of the reality of this project and the uncertainties it has regarding funding," says Garlick.

The start date to break ground in April is a top priority for the board because some of the project's funding requires that construction start before the summer of 2013.