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Richland mother masters the "Art of Couponing"

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- You've seen them on TV, they walk into a grocery store, fill their cart, and pay nothing at the checkout counter. They are extreme couponers. Sara Justus of Richland, started clipping coupons ten years ago when her father was sick and the family needed help...

Today, she's branded herself as the "The Coupon Princess," and she's teaching others the art of couponing to others.

"It really helped us. The four of us live off of $100 dollars a month," says Justus who grocery shops once a month.


Justus says there are certain things you need to be good at saving money. One, having patience, waiting for that sale. "Everything goes on sale every three months," she says. She also says stockpiling is not something she teaches to do. Justus spends about an hour a week clipping and knows the sales cycles.

"For example, around Memorial Day is when you can get the best deals on BBQ related items like marinades, chips, spices," she says. Her motto is simple, use a coupon on top of a sale, and then use the remaining money to buy other items in the store. "Don't ever touch it if it's not at least 75 percent off.' That's my motto", says Justus.

Doing this for about ten years has also got Justus to teach a class. She charges $10 for beginners, $15 for intermediate, and $25 for a one on one. She says the most important thing is to be organized, have a binder, or a box, and find a system that works.

Kim Nix took a class about a week ago."I have been saving on average at least 40 dollars a trip. and that adds up to what, 160 dollars a month that I'm just saving, and it takes me about a hour a week" says Nix.


On top of the rules, Justus says the sales and coupons are not just for boxed items, but you can find a way to eat healthy as well. "I lost like 98 pounds last year, just on diet," so I know it works," say's Justus.

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