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NM Governor supports McKenna in Yakima

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Yakima, WASH.--New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez visited Yakima Friday to support Rob McKenna's campaign for Washington State Governor.

The Attorney General said Governor Martinez is one of his role models and was honored to have her with him Friday. He said Washington state is facing many of the issues Martinez did when she was elected in 2010. Some of these issues include a large state deficit, high unemployment and a need for public education reform.

Martinez was the first United States Hispanic female governor.

"I know some people are surprised with a governor visiting from out of state, especially one with a profile of Governor Martinez, that we would come to a smaller community like Yakima," said McKenna. "To me it makes perfect sense."

Why does it make perfect sense? McKenna said Martinez is a role model, especially for Latin women. He said she can inspire a lot of people in the Yakima community. Also, Martinez has strong opinions about a lot of the issues Yakima is currently facing like unemployment and public safety.

"You have a high unemployment rate," said Martinez. "You want to reduce that. The way you reduce that is to make sure that regulation for your little businesses gets pealed away when they don't make any sense. So that they can keep their doors open number one, and maybe higher an additional employee or two."

Martinez and McKenna are both determined to repeal a 2004 law that allows illegal immigrants to become licensed drivers.

"We have problems with our Mexican cartel that are coming into New Mexico, getting drivers licenses that look identical to my drivers license, and then going through the country undetected," said Martinez.

Martinez said she and McKenna share a lot of the same policy ideas, but she also believes his political background as Attorney General makes him the man for the job.

"I really want him to win and this is why," said Martinez. "He's a strong leader. As Attorney General you truly are making some tough decisions. You make them every single day and many times a day."

Rumors have been circulating that Martinez is a possible Vice Presidential pick for Mitt Romney, but when asked, the governor said the rumors are not true.